How Royal King Caterers Can Serve You All That You Wanted?


Are you bored with traditional wedding set up and wishing for something really different and unique for your wedding, then don’t worry that’s why planners are there for. Wedding planners give your wedding awe-stuck atmosphere, understanding your wedding desires and look for ways to fulfill your wedding dreams. Royal King Caterers along with catering also serve their clients with unforgettable wedding arrangement and services too.

There are various reasons through which wedding planners can add uniqueness to your event. Wedding planner in Lucknow providing you all reasons for the same:

  • Being a wedding planning a profession for them they can plan it more efficiently as they are well trained in this scenario and knows well how to plan the wedding in a much better way.
  • As planners, they have arranged numerous of weddings so they are well aware of the problems that may arise while planning the wedding and how to cure them.

Indian Wedding Mandap

  • Wedding planners can help you in establishing a unique set up of your wedding. Innovative thinking of the event planner in Lucknow can render you all, the dream wedding you want for yourself.
  • If you are worried about your wedding budget then no need to, as it is obligation of the wedding planner to serve you awesomely in your prescribed budget. Additionally, you can also enjoy some special discounts and deals for your wedding with the help of your wedding planner.
  • Not to forget with the help of a caterer in Lucknow you can also enjoy your wedding without any worry in the utmost relaxed and peaceful way! As these planners is taking care of all your issues.

In this way, all these professional wedding planners can give you all a lifetime memory in form of unforgettable wedding experience. As planners we take care of each and every moment of our client’s wedding. So, get yourself served by Royal King Caterer and fulfill all your dreams in an alluring way!


Confused! About What You Can Expect From Your Wedding Planner?


Shrugging_chick_1Weddings are much thought and once-in-a-lifetime event for any person so everyone wants best out of it. Here, wedding planner play great role, they understand you and your dreams well and try really hard to steal the deal and satisfy their customers. Royal King Caterers being one of the leading wedding planners of the city is notifying their customers what they can expect from them as a wedding planner:


  • Turn Your Dreams Into Reality: This is what wedding planners are for turning our clients wedding dreams into reality. As event planner in Lucknow our prior concentration is on understanding the needs and desires of our customers.
  • Get exclusive Discounts & Deals: We are here to facilitate our customers with some special discounts and deals such as free wifi, free ironing or salon for guests and sometimes even permission for mini empty bar.
  • Attention to details: Wedding planner in Lucknow for making wedding of our client memorable and super special event we pay our deep attention at each and every detail. Our ‘this’ attitude of working save us from any left-out activity or arrangement.

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  • Less is more: Being an experienced wedding planner we advice our customer to keep their wedding event classy but simple. Caterer in Lucknow says that keeping your wedding menu simple is more sufficient as eating 30 or more dishes are impossible!

So expect these things from us at your wedding. These are the ways through we can give your event a grandeur effect and make your event a memorable one.

Why Must You Hire Royal King Caterers At Your Wedding?

Wedding Planner in Lucknow

If you want a wedding which could gain a status of ‘talk in a town’ there’s only a way, and that is your superb planning and topmost catering service. Your guests will only be expressive about your grand wedding affair if you excite them with your wedding arrangements and catering service. For this Royal King Caterers is there for you all, this catering service is a topmost service providing organization which has not only notify themselves as a leading catering service provider but also are able to draw their significance in the wedding planning industry.

We would like to specify some of the special qualities of event planner in Lucknow which has lead them to this position in the wedding planning industry:

Excellent Communication Skill: It’s very important for a wedding planner to communicate his client well, so as to understand their views and expectation and utter them well about the possibilities and some other fantastic wedding arrangement idea. Vendors of Royal King Caterers excel in this skill.

Caterer in Lucknow

Caterer in Lucknow

Problem Solving Skills: While planning and arranging for the wedding, problem arising is very normal phenomena, but a wedding planner must be able to solve these unexpected problems efficiently. Caterer in Lucknow knows really well how to deal with these situations.

Innovative Work: This wedding planner and catering organization is much creative with its work. This innovative thinking of them stands them out from other organization and enables them to render something ‘out-of-the-box’ to their customers.

Event Planner in Lucknow

Event Planner in Lucknow

Attention to Detail: A planner must be able to pay attention to each and every detail. Weddings aren’t simple process and lots of things are involved around them. Wedding planner in Lucknow has deep-sight through which vendors of this organization are able to attend each and every detail of the wedding. Their ‘this’ ability makes their event a smooth affair.

Budgeted Services: It’s a duty for a planner to render or plan a wedding in a prescribed budget. Every customer has its own budget for an event or wedding, it’s a responsibility of a planner to organize a standard wedding arrangement in a defined budget.

Royal King Caterers has impressed their customers with these qualities, which not only helped them in gaining the repeated customers but also earned them a name.

Impress Your Guests With Unexpected Servings By Royal King Caterers


If at your event, you want to have a lasting effect on your guests you must serve them with amazing food. Food is something through with people can directly connect them with. If you are planning to serve your guests with the memorable cuisines and looking for caterers, then Royal King Caterers is here for you!

One of the most prominent caterers of the city, experienced with numerous of catering services believes in quality service. Our focus is on rendering luscious dishes with innovative presentation. Caterer in Lucknow has given galvanizing experience to countless clients and still continuing the same. We would like to point out our divine serving through which we have allured our customers:

  • Experiments with sticks: Yes, at one of the gatherings we tried out serving our guest uniquely by presenting them cupcakes and macaroons by setting them on sticks! This presentation was hugely liked by kids.
  • Chance to pluck off: This experiment of best caterer in Lucknow was surely an eye catchy one we set off hanging strawberries on artificial trees.
  • Yummy Lollipop Snacks: We planned to serve our customers with something unexpected. Our try to serve the snacks in lollipop form turned out to be a huge success. This was deeply appreciated by our customers.
  • Ice-creams in Matkas: This is one of the experiments which turn out to be appealing to customers our idea of serving the ice-creams in matkas was praised by our guests as this experiment add-on the ‘desi swaad’ in the ice-creams.

There are innumerable such experiments through with we had amazed our clients and if you also want to have such delectable and enjoyable experience. Book us right away! We promise to serve you unexpected.

Skilled And Analytically Planned Events Proved To Be Marvelous And Unique By Royal King Caterers

Wedding Planner in Lucknow

My whole wedding planning turns out to be smooth and hassle-less all this was possible only because of efficient event planners I had. Yes, Royal King Caterers apart from serving delicious cuisines are also skilled in rendering their customers a well planned event.

As event planners they performed their job systematically and methodically. Event planner in Lucknow paid their deep attention at each and every activity and always come forward with the method to ease the process. Not only this by understanding that such a busy person I am, they help out in arranging the dresses I was going to wear at each event. I am impressed with the fact that efficiently plan out the whole process of my transformation to the bride. Wedding planner in Lucknow plan out my wedding day rituals so well and timely, so that I could get the time for some rest also. They firstly request and arrange the early haldi ritual at the groom’s side so that mine or bride’s side ritual could happen early. After an early breakfast and lunch, they could manage to get me the time for some rest before getting ready as a bride.

Wedding Planner in Lucknow

Wedding Planner in Lucknow

Thus whole my wedding day process went on smoothly and in a very fun way. Their management and analytical ability definitely stand them out from the rest of the wedding planners and not to forget that as a host we get constant praise for delicious food servings. All this was possible only because of Royal King Caterers.

Make Difference At Your Wedding Event By Royal King Caterers


Planning for a wedding or any other task is surely not an easy task. It can disturb your night sleeps and can push you into more stressful and busy schedule. Only planning the event is not enough, executing those plans efficiently is much more important. One of the topmost caterers of the city, Royal King Caterers had successfully planned numerous of wedding, corporate, casual party and many more events till now and still continuing the same. If you want to enjoy your wedding in a stress-free and comfortable environment, caterer in Lucknow is here for you all. Some of the efficient wedding planning and executing skills of them are as follows:

  • As a wedding planner the very first thing that we keep in our minds is that we plan the whole wedding in accordance with budget of our clients. Our utmost aim is to render best wedding arrangement at the prescribed budgets of our clients.
  • Our next planning process includes deciding on number of wedding event which are to be carried out. Best wedding planner in Lucknow also pays special attention to kind of outcome they want from each event.
  • Next planning step for us is to plan out the number of guests, which our client is inviting at each event. Our preparation of each event depends on number of guests at each event.
  • After deciding on the guest list the very first thing that comes in our mind is deciding on the wedding venue. As a planner our venue choice depends on the number of guests and season of the wedding. If the wedding is in the winters we choose indoor wedding and vice-e-versa. Although our choice depends on choice and preferences of our clients.
  • Our next step is to plan out arrangement and decoration of each event. Under this step we specially plan each event keeping in mind variation and uniqueness.
  • Vendors of this catering and planning business put their special efforts in executing that plan in an efficient manner, as we believe that our perfect planning only makes sense if we perfectly execute the plan.

Thus, these efficient planning steps help us to render our clients flawless wedding arrangement. Our extreme sincerity and passion oblige us to render quality services and that too at affordable prices.

Scared To Manage Your Wedding Budget, Here Are The Tips


The very first thing that comes in mind while planning a wedding or any other event is expenses. Our whole procedure of planning resolves around budgets. Proper and efficient way of budget planning can give you a grand wedding and that too in a lowest cost.

Event Planner in Lucknow

Event Planner in Lucknow

Royal King Caterers along with being a caterer is also an event planner. They have planned more than 500 weddings and events till now and still continuing the same. Event planner in Lucknow is really well aware of the budgetary effects on any event so for the convenience of their customers, the owner of this catering and event business is laying down some ways through which they can plan the budget of their event in a better way and can get better results:

1) Discuss who is contributing: Indian weddings are grand and lots of money is spent on it. In these weddings, it’s mainly parents who finance the weddings, but nowadays couple themselves arrange the finance for their own weddings. So one must sit down and discuss the budgetary contribution in the wedding. There are mainly three types of contribution one from parents, second from individual or collective contribution from friends or relatives and third is from the savings of the couple. This discussion gives a better picture of money.

2) Count your Budget: After a discussion, one should always count on the total amount of the budget and this helps in evaluating the total amount of money which could be spent on the wedding.

3) Check your priorities: Setting priorities is another step which everyone should follow. While planning, for wedding one should set which arrangements are most important, which are less important and which are least. This prioritizing will help our clients in better and efficient management of wedding arrangements.

4) Estimate your guest list: Now your wedding expenditure also depends on ‘how huge your wedding guest list is’. If your guest list is high, you must arrange for high budget and if its low, then you can manage them well in low budgets also.

5) Be on a researching mode: A proper research and analysis also lowers down your wedding budget. If you had researched it properly, then you can spend your money on where it is important and the amount which is required.

6) List your spending: Researching and analyzing the whole procedure of wedding will help the clients of wedding planner in Lucknow to make the list of items where they are going to spend their earnings. This listing also helps our clients in better management also.

7) Track your expenses: If you want to manage your finance well, you must track down your wedding expenses. You must calculate how much you are spending in which department and check if it is worth it?

8) Ask for bargain or discounts: Now the most important step in budget management depends on your skills on negotiating the price. Your ability to gain maximum discount from the vendor will give you the desired result.

These tricks which are pointed by the owner of best caterer in Lucknow will surely give our clients the best wedding arrangement and that too in low price. These tricks will also help our clients in managing their wedding plans really well and efficiently.

Want To Enjoy Robust Catering Services And That Too With Impressive Presentations?

Best Caterer in Lucknow

At Indian weddings first thing people shyly seek into is food. The presentations of these yummy and delicious foods create lots of difference in the level of catering service at your wedding. Gone are those days of traditional food serving, nowadays presentation makes a huge difference. One of the leading catering services, Royal King Caterers puts its constant efforts in maintaining the taste and presentation of their catering service. Lots of things can be done in terms of food nowadays. Innovative presentations of cuisines definitely stand us out from all other catering services.

So this wedding season get ready to have wonderful and creative catering experience with Royal King Caterers. Caterer in Lucknow is rendering its customers with eye-catching presentation with finger-licking food at the same time. Up till now with our catering service we had surprised our guest and given them such a unique experience. If you wanna know about some of our top innovations, check it out now:


  • Enjoy salads in shot glasses: In this Instagram world, presentation is most important and this experiment apart from being a striking one is also an easy to handle. Presenting salads in these shot glasses give our guests a chance to enjoy their conveniently with dipping rather than on plates where dipping get shattered around the plate.


  • Creative spoons of Aloo Chaat/ Corn Chaat: This is a most eye catching innovation of event planner in Lucknow. Our innovative step of presenting aloo chaat and corn chaat in soup spoon had given wonderful appetizing experience to our guests.


  • Yummy paratha tacos: As caterers we understand the hardships of parents to feed their kids, to solve this we present this innovative dish of ours at one of the wedding parties which was enjoyed a lot by kids present at the party and parents had much relaxing feel and enjoyed the party.


  • Alluring presentation of Dahi chaat in Ramekins: Usual presentations definitely attract the guests, our ‘this’ presentation does the same. We present our yummy dahi chaat in Ramekins which was surprising for everybody around most of the guests were having the dish just to check on this unique presentation.


  • Tiny Gulab Jamuns in Cocktail Glasses: This unique presentation of ours had a prominent effect on our guests. Gulab jamuns in cocktail glasses was noticeable by most of the guest, we pay special attention to keep the size of gulab jamuns small so that it is ‘easy to have’ for our guests.


  • Unique presentation of Coffee in cones: Now this is a most unique experiment we have done so far with food. We served our customers with cold coffee in cones. Our guests enjoy cold coffee with chocolate around. We had gained a lot of praise for this food experiment till now and still continuing the same. This presentation of best caterer in Lucknow was enjoyed by most of the guests and is still in demand.
Wedding Planner in Lucknow

Wedding Planner in Lucknow

Guys, do you all want to enjoy all these catering experience at your event also?  So what are you waiting for pick up your phone and call us or visit wedding planner in Lucknow now and enjoy these exquisite catering services and that too at a most affordable prizes.  

Have You Experience, Memory Grasping Event Planned By Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planner in Lucknow

There was a height of excitement within me for my brother’s wedding but there was also some sort of nervousness and worry about the arrangement. All wedding arrangements were on our authorization and consent as the wedding was happening in our city. Being professionally busy, I and my parents hired wedding planner so that all preparation things go smoothly.

After seeing their sample work and collecting reviews from the internet I booked Royal king caterers as wedding planner of my brother’s wedding. Wedding planner in Lucknow paid attention to each and every detail of the wedding, and perform each task in wedding ceremony efficiently. Wedding planner performs each task in an organized form. They made a note of kind of arrangements and decorations we wanted. They perform their task really well and render us render us well settled and maintained venue.

Best Caterer in Lucknow

Best Caterer in Lucknow

The icing on the cake is that Royal King Caterers are well versed in cooking skills also so they have provided us a marvelous catering experience. Best caterer in Lucknow renders us delicious and unique menu option. Their expertise in vegetarian cuisine was of huge benefits for us as many older member of the family weren’t into non-vegetarian dishes, so vegetarian dishes was a good option for us. Dishes presented by them from starters to desserts were so delicious.

Thus we had wonderful and happening experience while working with Royal King Caterers.

Give Your Wedding A Delicious Journey By Royal King Caterers


Best Caterer in Lucknow

Best Caterer in Lucknow

At wedding event of your family the thing which has lasting effect in the minds of your guests is food. In spite of decorations and all other thing, your arriving guest can directly relate themselves with food service, that’s why they remember them for long time. For giving our guest the best catering experience we keep on advancing and updating our catering services according to latest trends and techniques.

As wedding caterers Royal King Caterers had given pleasurable catering services to our customers till now. Our catering staff is well trained and skilled in their cookery techniques and hospitality skills. Best wedding caterer in Lucknow keeps themselves well aware of the latest trends and traditions which are happening in the world of catering. As one of the leading caterer services in the city Royal King Caterers has provided outstanding catering services up till now and continuing the same. We would like to show our quality and standardized services which we have rendered to our clients:

  • One of our innovative catering service live stalls was liked by each and every customer presents at the venue. Under these stalls we give a chance to our customers to choose their own ingredients and enjoy their customized dish. They can also like the fact that food is cooked right in front of their eyes and they can enjoy the freshly cooked dishes.
  • The most attractive thing about our catering service is that we provide our customers with their special personalized cocktail. Under this cocktail service cocktail are served in accordance with personal taste and preferences.
  • We Indians love one thing most that is chaat, no matter which part of the country you belong to but everybody loves it. Keeping this thing in mind as caterers, we plant chaat stations at the wedding of our client which was like and adorn by all the guests present at the wedding.
  • Nowadays people are much conscious about their health and fitness and so keeping in mind the heath of the people, we setup a special stall with healthy food. In spite of being healthy food, dishes served at this stalled were tasty and liked by the guests present at the party. Ingredients used were extremely fresh.
  • As caterers we pay special attention at the presentation of the food. The unique and innovative presentation of the food clearly attracted the more and more guest around. Presentations such as dal in handi, chaat in knickerbockers glory glass were alluring one for everybody. Mini bytes desserts were liked by everyone.
  • Best Caterer in Lucknow is well aware of the fact that Indian Marriages are long and whole night event, so we specially arrange for some late night snacks which were liked by everyone. Snacks like healthy baked potatoes, mini pizzas and hot coffee/tea were really liked and appreciated by late night eaters.
  • Understanding the current taste of the people, this catering service provided our customers a proper blend of Indian dishes and international dishes. As we very well know that kids nowadays are very much attracted to foreign cuisines whereas older people like Indian food so we set up both the dishes on the wedding menu.

Thus, as catering service providers wedding planner in Lucknow put their best efforts for bringing creativity in their presentation and food so as to render some unique services to our customers. Our constant efforts towards betterment enable us to render quality services to our customers.