Elegant And Professional Planning By Royal King Caterers


Having a dream of grand and extravagant wedding was easy but making arrangement for such wedding was difficult, to this reason I hire a wedding planner for my wedding so as to give my wedding a proper and unique arrangement with a professional touch.

The Royal King Caterers gave my wedding arrangements a new level with their unique ideas and innovation. Theme and decoration they arranged was the best one I had seen in my life till now. Event planner in Lucknow had made my wedding preparations so easy that we don’t have to take any stress for any activity and all the things were going smoothly. They provided us professional advice their experience had helped me in choosing the best things. They matched my pink and golden wedding outfit with the theme of the wedding. They themed my wedding by creating a background of the stage and decorations with hot pink color matching the color of mine and my husband’s outfit. This gives a new life to all the arrangements and it comes out adorably.


Wedding planner in Lucknow not only made my all my wedding arrangements awesome but also help us to lower down the cost of our wedding. They help us to purchase best quality products at the lowest possible rate.

Overall, we and our family were really jovial over all the wedding preparations and these arrangements were praised by all our relatives and friends.

Finger-licking Cuisines By Royal King Caterers


If you once had the services of the Royal King Caterers you will be so satisfied and fulfilled that you will never look around any other caterers in the city. I am saying this because I had myself experienced the catering services of Royal King Caterers.

Royal king Caterers are so dedicated and obliged towards their work that they work really hard to provide delicious and fresh cuisines to their customers. Best caterer in Lucknow holds extremely skilled and knowledgeable chefs who are well versed in traditional and modern Indian dishes and are also expert in foreign dishes. These qualities of chefs working with this wedding catering service stand out them with other catering services working around in the city.


Dishes served by a caterer in Lucknow are not only appetizing, but also clasp world class presentation. The dish presented to customers has eye-catching effects to our customers, so these dishes increase the appetite of our customers. Royal King Caterers has been able to achieve this kind of fondness and popularity by providing extraordinary catering services all over the city.

Royal King Caterers has been set up their mark by providing quality services and their urge to fulfill the promise they had made to their customers regarding their catering services.

Unique And Appetizing Dishes By Royal King Caterers


Hailing from the foodie family, there was just one request from all our relatives at my brother’s wedding that food should be finger-licking and delicious. Arranging such caterer was a challenge wedding was not happening at our home city.

One of our relatives who were residing in Lucknow suggested us Royal King Caterers. Royal King Caterers being a vegetarian caterer was advantageous for us as our family is pure vegetarian. Before, finalizing them as wedding caterer we went for food testing and we find that the dishes that they served us were really delicious. But we requested best cater in Lucknow to prepare some special unique vegetarian dishes along with traditional dishes for the menu. To this they provide us assurance that they will try their best to pass on our expectation.

The dishes they served were really tasty and appetizing. They really present unique dishes such as personalized cocktail, under this they prepare cocktail from the favorite ingredients of the person to whom drink is to be served. The other experiment they carried to present unique dishes is that they prepared separate counter as ‘Eating Healthy’ under this they experiment and prepared some healthy snacks and dishes, which were not only healthy but also delicious.

These ways of serving and guts to present some unique dishes was really impressing and I recommend to all our readers to try wedding planner in Lucknow this time at the wedding of your beloved ones.

Do you want to handle corporate event by Royal King Caterers?


There was a corporate event in my office and I was given the responsibility of carrying out the proper arrangement for that event. I was handling the whole arrangement of the event on my own, which was really difficult task for me as I was supposed to do my office chores as well.

Royal King Caterers came to my rescue and helped me out. They helped me in finding the proper venue to carry out such an important corporate event. The success of such event was not only significant for me but was also for my company as well. My company was tied up with a bigger company which was a really important event for the company.


Best event planner in Lucknow provides me a guidance to do my tasks, step by step. Firstly, they suggested me few locations as my event venue. I went up to those locations checked them out and finalize the location which was the most suitable for such an event. After venue selection things like decoration and catering were taken over by Royal King Caterers.

But before that, they formerly served some of its dishes as a tester. After testing those dishes I instantly finalize them as caterers and event planner to some extent.

The services provided by a caterer in Lucknow, really deserve a round of applause. The dedication towards their work has made them as one of the top most caterers in the city.

The Royal King Caterers

The Royal King Caterers

Unique Catering Services By The Royal King Caterers

catering1Royal King Caterers is has given me immense satisfaction with their catering services. Mouth watering food served at any event is what people remembered for a long time. Catering in any event main thing as you can please your guest by great catering services.

Royal King Caterers definitely understands this responsibility of theirs as caterers. Finger licking and delicious food served by them says it all. Caterer in Lucknow holds chefs having an extreme sense of taste and put their best efforts in making their dishes flavorsome which is why Royal King Catering is different and unique from other caterers in the city.

Along with taste they also master their serving technique. The way in which they serve their guest is innovative, distinctive and appealing. These kinds of efforts give pleasing feel to guests who are attending the event.gulabjaman-770x515In our wedding event catering services by the best caterer in Lucknow were praised by all the guests present there. Food that was served by them was not only tasty, but also enticing. Their unique ideas such as a chat in wine glasses, gulab jamun in cocktail glasses or different shape occupied halwas were tempting efforts. These kinds of things set the mark in guest’s mind.

Thus, I totally acknowledge the efforts by Royal King Caters, and refer all other readers to try on Royal King Caterers and enjoy unique catering services.


Luscious Catering Escapade By Royal King Caterers


Catering services is important for any event or party happening around either its wedding or any other event. As food at any event remain at person’s mind for long time. A person can definitely compromise with decoration of an event but he can’t adjust with food. As taste is the thing that person remembers for long time.

Keeping all these things in mind I wanted a foremost caterer for my wedding. I wanted a caterer who is not only good at serving delicious food but also is updated by popular trends in catering. I wanted to give my guest traditional food items with some modern ones.  Royal king Caterers was the one who was able to accomplish my desire. Royal King Caterers has provided me yummiest catering service which was being appreciated by all my relatives.

Caterer in Lucknow rendered their catering services in most innovative and creative form. They showed their creativity while serving their food such as they served fruits with contrasting colors such as red apple with grapes having unique cuts in a glass. Such ideas were impressive. They not only served their food in unique way but also it was delicious. In main course dishes such as Malai Paneer, Daal Makhani, Stuffed Bindi and many more served by them was so flavorful there was great blend of all the spices. The desserts they served were unique and were holding lots of variety with accurate sweetness. For kids cakes, patisseries and ice creams were served.

My family and relatives were really satisfied after having the food served by best caterer in Lucknow. Service delivery was real well and satisfying.

Prodigious, Wedding Organized By Royal King Caterers


Being an extremely busy person with my office work and other chores, it was really difficult for me organize wedding event for my daughter. Royal King Caterers was there to alleviate my worry. They were referred to me by one of my relatives. I am really satisfied with their work and service.

Wedding planner in Lucknow had really taken care of all the happenings around from smallest event to bigger one, giving us relaxed environment. Being a caterer as well as wedding planner, they were well aware of all kind of wedding chores, and catering arrangements. They suggested us best menu which was appreciated by all my relatives and friends. From starters to main course, desserts all the dishes served by them were getting lots of appreciation and they proved themselves as best caterer in Lucknow.


Apart from catering services, they arranged all other wedding arrangement really well and took care of every event happening around. They take care of small and personal arrangements like dressing & styling, arrangement for bridal makeup artist to photography, transport facility, entertainment etc. All the arrangements made by them were up to the mark.

The services provided by them were demonstrating them as best event planner in Lucknow. Thus I can assure all other readers, that they work really hard to create wedding function of their customers enormously nice.

Royal King Caterers Make My Wedding Preparation Effortless

Event Planner LucknowRoyal king Caterers in Lucknow had given me unforgettable catering experience at my wedding. They made my wedding preparations really smooth and give us really relaxing environment.

I had really less time left for my wedding and its preparation, Royal King Caterers provided me and my family their best assistance and really helped us out in planning out my wedding. Caterer in Lucknow took care of each and every function of my wedding Sangeet, Mehndi, Cocktail Party and my wedding. They pay attention to every details and preparation process for my wedding.

Wedding planner Lucknow.jpgThe décor which was provided by them with flowers and lighting was really awesome. Wedding planner in Lucknow decorated whole stage with real flowers which was spreading their fragrance on stage and was adding a beauty.

Catering services provided by them was so delicious and appetizing. Being a vegetarian, it was difficult to find a caterer serving vegetarian food and that too delicious. Best caterer in Lucknow provided us all types of vegetarian food including Chinese, Italian, South Indian, Rajasthani, and North Indian. They served us mouth-watering food with beautiful presentation.

I was fully satisfied and contempt with the service provided by them. They hugely helped us in all by wedding preparation from top to bottom. They are master in their work and give no chance for any complaint.

Plan Mouth-Watering Menu With Royal King Caterers

Indian-Wedding-Planning-Indian-wedding-meal-and-caterer-Indian-MealFor planning a menu at any event one has to contemplate a lot. Person has to decide a menu which entices each and every person irrespective of age. It should allure everyone from kids to elder ones. Royal King Caterers here is providing some guidance to our customers to plan a perfect Indian menu for any event.

Decide your cuisine first: Firstly decide which type of cuisine you are going to present your guest. Select whether you are going for purely Indian, Chinese, Italian or mixture of each. Royal King Caterers- caterer in Lucknow provides best vegetarian cuisine in Lucknow.

Fix your Budget: Decide your menu according to your budget; one must always had clarity in terms of his budget and how much he is going to spend on food for his guest.

Keep the season in your mind: Best caterer in Lucknow suggests planning your event menu according to season of your event. Seasonal foods are best in taste, inexpensive and healthy.

Number of Guest: Always keep your number of guest in mind, decide and order menu in accord with number of guest going to attend your party.

Select your Starters: Starters are very first meal that your guest going to have, select it smartly. It should be toothsome and attract every guest of yours. You should include dishes that attract kids and also some starters that are for adults.

Plan main course: Royal King Caterer wedding planner in Lucknow suggests that your main course should be variant and should include local dishes and some all around dishes.

The Royal King Caterers

Select breads carefully: In India there is variety of breads and you must always choose your rotis, naans, chapattis, parathas etc that suits best to your main course.

Best wedding planner in Lucknow advice’s our readers to choose us for catering services. As we decide the menu for our customers by keeping these tips in mind.

Marvelous Experience With Royal King Caterers


While preparing for my daughter’s wedding, I looked up for caterers providing variety in their menu but with some uniqueness in it. A friend of mine suggested Royal King Caterers to me. By meeting them and informing them about my wishes, the responses I get, satisfied me and cleared my doubts.

As my daughter’s wedding theme was Rajasthani, I wanted Rajasthani themed catering services for it too, and as expected they turned down my wishes into reality. Some of the Rajasthani dishes were tremendously delicious and yummy. Best caterer in Lucknow turned down some dishes such as Dal Bati Churma, Shahi Gatte, Metti Bajra Pooriyan were enormously praised by the guests. Desserts they served were also so delicious and tasty.

As a wedding planner in Lucknow they provide their services with so much love and respect, to our each guest. They were always present to cure any difficulty we felt in wedding function. Service providers and staff members of Royal King Caterers were constantly providing their services to our guests and were making sure that all guests were satisfied with their work.

The thing which I liked the most about Royal King Caterers is that there was well coordination among members and all the catering arrangements were completed on time.

As a client I was fully satisfied with their services, and also satisfied with the service charges they charged us, as it is totally according to its worth.